War Machines Mod APK – Free Unlimited Money and Diamonds (v4.12.1)

Written by Ronald Jackson

Are you ready to lose 98% of the time? War Machines is designed to make you lose. One enemy hit will destroy you, and it will take 5-6 hits for you to destroy them, only if you get to shoot. We are not making this up. At least, this is what one user had to say about the game. If you don’t wish to be one of those users, I am pretty sure you want a way to win in this hardcore war game.

For the solution, we are going to introduce you to the War Machines mod. An application that will turntables for you by replacing your lose percentage with your win percentage. If you are wondering how? Carefully listen to what we have to say now.

For a brief introduction, the game was earlier known as War Machines Blitz force, an action-packed game that scores a whopping 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google Play Store. Your main objective in the game is to destroy as many tanks as you can in a given time interval. Whoever kills the most, wins. You can either fight in team-based battles or in the free-for-all conflicts where you will be engaging in real-time action against some of the greatest tank commanders of all time. Here, we work on a simple principle, destroy or get destroyed.

War Machine Latest Mod update

War Machines unlimited money

We already introduced to the basics of War Machine free mod apk, and now, it’s time to discuss it in details. If you are looking for reasons to download the mod, I can give you two. Number one, the game is more stringent than most of the games out there and the mod is your way to the victory. Number two, if you look in the game store, you will find a lot of useful additional items that can be purchased only using real money, if you don’t wish to do that, our War Machine all-in-one mod is your impeccable aid. With the war machines free multiplayer mod apk, you will be getting unlimited money, diamonds, fuel and much more. So, download the mod now, it’s free.


Thinking about how to install, we have got you covered with this easy step by step installation guide.

  1. Running the game already, uninstall it and remove all the files and related data.
  2. Head to the settings and turn on installation from unknown sources under the privacy menu.
  3. Downloaded the mod? Locate the file in your local storage and tap to start the installation.
  4. Once installed, give access to the permissions asked by the game.
  5. You are good to go now, enjoy this tank shooting game’s mod apk on your phone.


We promoted the mod a lot and spoke about it features less. So here are not one, not two but six exciting features of our mod that will tempt you into downloading after the very second you finish reading next few lines:

  • Unlimited Money/Coins – assume that you need 60,000 of these to upgrade your tank’s turret and you only have 50,000. Won’t this be embarrassing? Not having sufficient funds to upgrade some piece of iron. Well, if you don’t want to keep watching ads so you can earn a few bucks, download the War machines mod apk where you will be getting unlimited money/coins. Cool, right?
  • Unlimited Diamonds – These shiny pieces of carbon can be used to make an instant respawn during a fight, complete an upgrade instantly, buy premium tanks, and much more. Diamonds can be used in a lot of places. But, the sources to obtain gems remain limited. In case you wish to enjoy the freedom of using diamonds freely, you might be interested in downloading the mod as it will be giving you unlimited diamonds.
  • Unlimited Fuel – Each successful match consumes a few bars of fuel from your fuel tank. If starting few matches are just a warmup to you, you might want to find an unlimited source of fuel. Fortunately, that’s what the mod provides you with.
  • Upgraded Tanks: With some of the greatest tank commanders in the battlefield, you might not want to fight with an entry level tank. Don’t we will back you up by giving you upgraded tanks at no cost. That’s some good news.
  • Quick Reload – If you are engaging in a head-on battle with a similar category tank, there are 100% chances that you will win if your tank is equipped with a quick reload option. Well, wish no more as we are giving away the very same feature with our all-in-one mod. With a faster reloading time, your chances to win a head-to-head fight will increase exponentially.
  • Unlocked Tanks – Some of the rarest pieces of iron are locked for the new users. They will unlock once you reach a certain level that might take eternities. Just kidding, it won’t exactly take that much time, but it will feel pretty same. However, War Machines Mod APK is not going to treat you the same way; it will unlock some of the most potent tanks like Chaffee, Renault FT, T-26, and others in priority for you.


Are you ready for the war now? Download this explosive multiplayer tank shooting game. Fight and shoot your enemies in different battlefields that are based upon the WW II era. Read the battlefield, know the battlefield, analyze the battlefield and then, crush your enemy to death without worrying about your tank’s depleting armor health.

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