Download Tanks A Lot Mod APK – Unlimited Everything (Latest)

Written by Ronald Jackson

Unlike any other tank game, Tanks a lot features modern realistic graphics and allows you to build your tank. In addition to that, it has a weapon for every gunslinger, shotgun for those who like to engage in a close encounter, laser ray for the nerds and sniper turrets for the ones who want to hunt from a distance. There are a bunch of other lethal weapons from which you can select the one that suits your fighting style best. There are different modes in Tanks a lot like 3v3 team deathmatch, Battle Royale, and football, with tanks of course.

All of this is a treat to any gamer. However, things can go a little out of hand when some of the best players come together to clash. I am sure you wouldn’t want your tank to fall apart and would want to take the higher ground in the battle. This is where Tanks a Lot Mod APK comes to your rescue. Not only it gives you unlimited gems and gold, but the latest mod version 2.22 also gives you unlimited everything. To know in depth about the mod, pay attention to the rest of the article.

Tanks A Lot Mod APK Download

Will you believe me if I said that to get this mode, all you need to do is a single click? Well, you have to because that’s all it requires. Yes, you can download the latest mod version 2.22 of the Tanks a Lot Mod APK by clicking on the link mentioned at the end of this paragraph. Remember that it is a modded version, so you don’t have to do any further modifications to the application. We do not hold any responsibility if anything goes wrong in that case.

File Tank Battle Heroes Mod APK
Size 105 MB
Version 2.22
Last Updated August 21, 2019
Developers BoomBit Games
Genre Action

Note: You don’t have to complete any human verification or fill any survey. Beware of any sources that prompt you to do so because they are probably misleading you into downloading something unnecessary.

Features of the Mod

unlocked tanks

  • Since you will be building your tank on your own, you will need an ample amount of money to fund the upgrades. A good amount of money can be earned by winning battles; still, it will never be enough. To feed the financial needs of your tank upgrades, you will need something more than that. In good news, our Tanks a Lot Mod APK will give you unlimited money so you can keep building and keep upgrading your war machine.
  • Although the game is free to download and play from the play store, there are a lot of in-app purchases available. Most of these store items include rare upgrade items, treasures and a lot more. To unfold this side of the game, you need to have gems which can be either purchased using real money or earned by watching video advertisements. Since both of us are not interested in doing something like that, we can download the mod instead and get rewarded with unlimited gems. This gems will give you an upper hand in the game and will make winning easier than before.
  • You will be mostly fighting in a small arena which will require continuous firing. Amidst this, there are chances that you will exhaust all your ammo. If you don’t to be the one hiding in the bushes waiting to die, Tanks a Lot Mod APK is a great alternative to get unlimited ammo for free.
  • We are calling it god because it can do some things very similar to what God can. With the Tanks a Lot Mod APK, your tank will be equipped with shield protection, and one shot kill feature. If you look at these features on a larger scale, it will practically make you invincible in the game.
  • You will only get access to beginner level tanks when you start playing the game which can become a problem if you’re matched with someone in a higher tier. However, not when you have plenty of options to choose from. Tanks a lot has all the tanks unlocked for you so that you can choose the best tank.


Tanks a Lot is a great tank action game which offers impressive graphics and a right amount of action. You can fight for resources in a brawl or shoot your way in a classic deathmatch. Tanks a lot also features a unique mode called Tank-O-Ball where you can play football using tanks. The game has more than 5 million downloads on Play Store, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s in high demand. So, grab yourself some snacks because you’re not going anywhere for quite some time.

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