Tank Hero Mod APK – Unlimited Health and Money (Unlocked)

Tank Hero mod
Written by Ronald Jackson

A powerful engine, great maneuverability, strong armor, and heavy firepower makes tanks the best front-line combat vehicle. The deafening sound of a moving tank shakes the ground and scares the enemies.

We always wanted to experience what it feels like to command a tank and take it to the battlefield. This dream of ours may or may not come true in reality. For the time being, we can try Tank Hero, a fast-paced 3D tank action game. Placed in the arcade category, Tank Hero involves a lot of hardcore action. Developed by Clapfoot Inc. the game features cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers like weapons in 120 different levels. As you level up in the game, new levels and tanks unlock. With each wave, the number of enemy tanks increases, and the action gets more intense.

There’s an interesting fact about the game. It is entirely free with no consumables, time, or upgrades to purchase. In that case, isn’t downloading the mod a complete waste of time? Well, it is not because the primary currency in the game that is used to purchase ammo is earned by destroying enemy tanks. If you doubt that you are not enough at the game, there are high chances of running out of credits anytime. Don’t let that happen to you with our all unlocked Tank Hero mod apk. The mod version of Tank Hero provides unlimited ammo, money, and health so that you only focus on destroying other tanks. Without further ado, let’s get to know more about it.

File Tank Hero Mod APK
Size 9.9 MB
Latest Version 1.5.13
Last Updated October 26, 2018
Developers Clapfoot Inc.
Genre Arcade



tank hero mod features

There’s nothing much offered by the mod but whatever it offers, guarantees to make you the next Tank Hero. Following are five key elements of the Tank Hero Mod:

  • Unlimited Money: It’s the only resource in the game and referred to as credits. Credits are earned by killing enemy tanks and can be used to buy ammo after each successive rounds. Ammo types are ranging from 100 to 1200 credits, so I am pretty sure that you will be running out of credits if you like to play for hours in a go. However, with our Tank Stars Mod, your account will receive unlimited money for free.
  • Unlimited Health: The initial arena is a tiny battlefield divided into two sub-parts. With the 5th wave, things will get nasty in there, and it will be too difficult for you to avoid taking a hit. With the Unlimited health feature of the mod, you can deal a lot of damage in the initial phase of the fight before you start crushing your enemies.
  • Fast Tank Speed: Some bullets can rebound after hitting the walls. If you don’t have the best pair of reflexes, you might be needing some assistance in dodging the incoming bullets. Therefore, Tank Hero mod offers a faster tank speed as compared to the normal one. With faster tank speed, you will be able to run around faster and dodge enemy firing better.
  • Unlimited Ammo: As we told you, the mod rewards you with unlimited money, which is the only resource to buy ammo. In the other scenario, we are rewarding you with infinite ammo. This ammo includes unrestricted access to the standard cannon, the spread cannon, and the heat signature.
  • Unlock Spread Cannon: Spread cannon is the fatal weapon in the game and fires a salvo of bullets covering a wide area of attack, best to take out multiple enemies together. However, spread cannon can only be unlocked after a sure feat is achieved in the game. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of spread cannon from the beginning, you’ll be happy to know that Tank Hero Mod comes with unlocked spread cannon.

How is Tank Hero Hacked?

Tank Hero is a game with minimal graphics that requires no internet connection to play. Since it’s an offline game, all the game data and files are stored on the local storage. There are two ways we can go from here, number one is to hack the game using lucky patcher or any similar application, and number two is to download the already hacked mod for free. The mod has a modified AndroidManifest.xml file that holds the new resource values. Once the data is modified, it is packed back to the native APK and shared with potential users. As we’ve already told you, we will be talking about Tank Hero Mod APK here.

More from Clapfoot Inc.

If the Tank Hero thrives you, you will love its followup called Tank Hero: Laser Wars where things step up a bit as you fight with the all-new 3D graphics engine having hyper-realistic lightning and special effects. This newer version of the game offers all-new interactive battle environments to destroy your enemies strategically. With futuristic weapons like ray guns, plasma howitzers, sonic cannons, and much more, the new battleground will push you to take more challenging fights. There is a paid version of the game called Tank Hero: Laser Wars pro that will give you access to the premium content in the game. Keep checking this space if you want the mod for Tank Hero: Laser Wars too.

Here is a gameplay video of the game.


Tank Hero is a fun, simple game that implements the concept of “Slide to Play.” If you are looking for a game that goes easy on your phone’s RAM and battery, this should be it. With an option to engage in Campaign and Survival mode, this game never gets boring. There will be five different types of AI tanks to make sure that things are never too easy. So, wait no more and show the world who’s the Tank Hero.

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