Tank Battle Heroes Mod APK with Unlimited Money, Gold and Fuel

Tank Battle Heroes mod
Written by Ronald Jackson

Tank, fast, quick, and speed. Well, there are hardly any dots connecting these four things, but when we come to Tank Battle Heroes, all of this is going to make sense. “Tank Battle heroes World of shooting” is a fast-paced tank action game which has received over ninety thousand hits and more than 5 million downloads on the Play Store. It will be a rookie mistake to underestimate the difficulty level of this game because when I said that it is a fast-paced game, I meant it. You are going to tanks flashing in front of your eyes moving here and there, and you don’t eliminate them fast enough, you will have nothing but the defeat.

There are three main reasons why we are telling you this secret today. Number one, there are a lot of in-app products available in the game-store than can cost you anything between INR 75 to INR 1750. I am sure you’re not planning to spend that much money on a game. Number two, the game is excellent at first, but once you get higher up, it becomes a pay-to-win game, said a review on the play store. Number 3, If in any case you are planning to go in the field all by yourself, you need an extraordinary set of reflexes and a fantastic set of the brain to hand coordination. One mistake and you’re dead already.

These are some of the core reasons why we are promoting the Tank Battle Heroes over the original version. Tank Battle Heroes Mod APK doesn’t just give you access to unlimited money and gold, but it also has everything unlocked. You can utilize these resources in the single player mode as well as the multiplayer online mode. So, get your tanks ready because we are going to destroy the enemy tanks ruthlessly.

Download the all new Mod APK by clicking on the link below:

File Tank Battle Heroes Mod APK
Size 66.2 MB
Version 1.15.5
Last Updated June 14, 2019
Developers T-Bull
Genre Action


Tank Battle Heroes Mod Features

unlimited gold and fuel

  1. Money is the primary currency in the game and can be earned by completing single-player missions or by winning multiplayer battles. However, almost all of the high tier tanks cost more than a million, which is nearly impossible to earn while playing single or multiplayer mode. Hence, using Tank Battle Heroes gives you access to unlimited money which you can use to buy robust tanks or give your favorite one an upgrade.
  2. Although most of the gold usage can be restricted to little to no consumption, it’s impossible to buy two of the most powerful tanks like X1 Tempest and Z-81 Aurora since they can only be dealt in gold. To get so much gold, the only way is to purchase it. Therefore, you download the mod version of Tank Battle Heroes which gives you access to unlimited gold with which you get the best tanks.
  3. Each battle and mission consumes fuel which regenerates after some time. Even this process is self-completing, it can be slow, prolonged. I can’t wait for 15 minutes to play one game waiting for the fuel tank to generate some fuel, neither can you. For the sake of less waiting and more playing, Tank Battle Heroes Mod APK supports a feature of faster fuel generation which will help your tank regenerate its fuel way quicker than before.
  4. To the extent I know about the game, there are a total of 7 war machines in your inventory. Each of which can be unlocked by reaching certain XP levels. This can be annoying as well as can make our unlimited money and gems useless. However, I have good news for you in which you can unlock all the tanks without meeting the requirements and enjoy the battles with JC36 Clank, FV-6 Civet, JX-7 Perun, K1 Fortress, S-2 Hog, X1 Tempest, Z-81 Aurora.
  5. With the mod, you will be able to randomly unlock the missions in the single-player mode which was earlier possible only in a sequential manner. So, don’t worry about completing specific missions and play any level of your choice.
  6. To engage in a heavy requires your tank to be in the best shape possible. However, there will be times where you will be fighting tanks twice as powerful as yours. In such cases, it is crucial to have a full tank and armor health. All thanks to the Tank Battle Heroes Mod, you will always be having full tank and armor health.

Gameplay Video


Tank Battle Heroes Mod APK is possibly the fastest tank game we’ve ever encountered. Continuous offline single player and online multiplayer battles make sure that you never run out of action. So, either clash with real-time players from USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, and more or go on a solo journey in the single-player mode. Keep fighting and destroying your enemies until you become a battle tank hero.

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