Top 10 Classic Tank Games – Old School Tank Games (Download)

Classic NES Tanks Games
Written by Ronald Jackson

Tanks are simply heads and shoulders above the rest of military weapons ever created. Since the First World War, tanks have become an integral part of modern and conventional warfare.

They are known for their massive firepower and near-impenetrable armor.

Who doesn’t remembers the era of T-90, Challenger 2, or M1 Abrams. To look upon them is to see the literal embodiment of war. There are many reasons to love these military masterpieces, and that is why they enjoy a dedicated fanbase. Following this, NES, the 8-bit video game console company and many others like Blitwise created several video games that were a hit as soon as they stepped into the marketplace. These games became so popular that even today in 2019, people want to have them in their smartphones and PCs. The old school look of these tank games still has an intact image in our brains.

We grew up playing old tank games like classic NES battle city and Nintendo based games. These games weren’t just limited to the survival or story mode, but they also offered a multiplayer mode, long before games like Iron Force and Tank stars came into existence.

Today, we will be discussing the ten most popular modern day games that draw out their concept from old tank game. So, let’s dive into details without further delay.

1. Tank 90

Tank 90

An abbreviation of Tank 1990, Tank 90 is a different implementation of classic NES battle city. One of the most prominent new features of this game includes your enemy consuming the bonus. Your objective is simple, take out all of the 20 enemy tanks that are invading the battlefield to destroy your base(represented as a bird, eagle or Phoenix on the map) as well as your defending tank. The mission’s over if they succeed to destroy any one of them. There are 20 different stages with a rustic setting that promises to bring back the memories of the good old days.


2. Super Tank

Super Tanks

Another replica of the Super Tank 1990, Super Tank has added amazing special effects, vibration screen, particle system, color scheme, and much more to give each of its users a better visual experience. The objective of the game is similar to Tank 90, defend your base against 20 enemies each round. However, there are weapon boosts available during the round, which can give you an added advantage. With three different modes like Super Mode, Normal Mode, and Challenge Mode, there’s plenty of stuff to keep you occupied.


3. Pocket Tanks

pocket tanks on android

Restoring the ultimate one-on-one battle concept, Pocket tanks can be played online with mobile as well as PC users. It is fast-paced artillery that is simple to learn and easy to master. There are more than 100 brand new weapons and over 50 packs in deluxe version. Each terrain is designed differently which gives them a special characteristic like Jump Jets for moving your tank around, bouncy dirt for creating reflecting terrain and much more. Since it operates on swipe, aim, and release, the game is playable for all the age groups and can keep you hooked for hours.

Pocket Tanks is also available for PC which can downloaded for free from Windows store.


4. Tank 1990

Tank 1990

A pretty accurate demonstration of what tank games looked like back in the 90s, Tank 1990 is a new edition of classic tank game on a handheld platform. The game resuscitates the heroic tank battles and epic visual effects. There is a real-time leaderboard in Tank 1990, which keeps you motivated all along to become the number one. With over 200 different levels, this game also implements the same concept as of Super Tank and Tank 90. Defend your base against enemy tanks that will enter from the top of the screen and take all the glory home. With its vintage setting and challenging gaming experience, I am pretty sure that Tank 1990 will bring nostalgia to you.


5. Tank Battle

Tank Battle

If you are looking to challenge your conventional understanding of games, Tank Battle can put your skills to the test with its revolutionary gameplay and a new generation of the game engine. There are visual buttons designed to control the tank better and complicated maps to make attacking and defending easier. Realistic explosion effects bring more vividity to the fighting scenes, and robust shooting function allows you to have an astounding inter-dimensional vision. There are plenty of tanks in all shapes and sizes so you can choose what suits you best.


6. Awesome Tanks

Awesome tanks

Awesome Tanks is a classic 2D tank shooter game with all new graphics, better physical engine, and smooth dual thumb controls. The best part about Awesome Tanks is that you can design new levels by yourself in the Level Editor and showcase it. Engage in wars, destroy enemy tanks, overpower enemy bosses, find secret loaded with bonuses and if that’s not enough, fight everlasting tanks in the survival mode and create a world record.


7. Tanks a lot

Tanks a lot

If you are looking to fight in real-time multiplayer battles, Tanks a lot is the game for you. You can play with your friends and engage in 3 vs. 3 PVP brawl. The game also features a battle royale and deathmatch mode which you can choose to your preference. In an interesting fact, you can also play football, but with tanks. Tanks a lot is more on the modern side of the gaming but is still one of the best tank shooters we’ve ever played. In addition to all of this, you can build your tank yourself from dozens of powerful parts and dominate the battlefield.


8. Tank Battle Heroes

Tank Battle heroes

Inspired from the World War II, Tank Battle Heroes boasts a real-time multiplayer action in this PvP tank shooter. Go back in time and live to the spirits of brave soldiers. Select your approach for the war, defend your nation, or destroy your enemies ruthlessly. Test yourself in three completely different battlefields featuring extreme conditions. There is a ton of customization options available. So, you can choose the setting and weapons that suit you best to take on the enemies. If you’re a fan of modern elements in gaming, you are going to like this game for sure.


9. Battle Tank

battle tank

There are no fancy graphics and what we are looking at here is, a lot of firing. Battle Tank is one of the toughest games to master on our list, and there are a lot of reasons behind it. Number one, there is no way to recognize an enemy tank or a friendly one. There are no markers for identifying tanks, and therefore, you have to keep firing. Number two, more than 200 tanks fight in the arena, and that’s why it’s pretty difficult to hold your position. If you are looking for some real action instead of the sweet pea toy war, Battle Tank is the game for you.


10. Battle.io


Battle.io is one of the unique game in our list of best tank games. The graphics are neater, and controls are smoother than we’ve seen on any other game. There is a lot of action and customization available in the game to keep you hooked for long hours. The goal of Battle.io is to destroy all your enemies and be the last one to survive. Start with one cannon and collect firepower boosts to increase your tank cannons to a maximum number of six. If you have a good command over your reflexes and an incredible fighting skillset, nothing can stop you from becoming the winner.


Try them today!

These were some of the most classic tank games that we think will bring you delight. From violent action to strategic defense, there’s no competition to these games. In addition to that, some of these games feature an extensive level of action, which is only recommended to the relevant age group. In such cases, make sure you read the disclaimer well in advance. So, get out in the field and take your enemies down.

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