Mini Militia Pro Pack APK – With Extra Mod Features

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Written by Ronald Jackson

Mini Militia is undoubtedly one of the best action-packed game you would ever encounter. At par with other market leaders in the multiplayer niche, Mini Militia has got gamers glued to their phone screens. With over 50 million downloads in just a span of 3 years, Mini Militia is turning out to be a great success for the developers, Appsomniacs LLC.

Mini Militia version 3, which is allegedly going to release in the first quarter next year by developers, is supposed to have PC support as well. The version 3 can be played online with a live audio chat with friends. Mini Militia 3 is also going to have in-game mod creation features so that players can create mod apks without using third party tools.

An interesting fact to note about the game is that one-third of its active online players use some kind of Mod APK. These mods let them enhance their avatars powers and provide Unlimited Ammo and Health, which they can utilize to win online multiplayer matches.

Mini Militia comes with an in-app purchase in the form of Pro Pack. This Pro Players pack costs about a dollar. The advantage of having such an additional feature is that it unlocks some of the best features of the game. You can unlock the following online content with the latest Pro Pack version 4.1.1.

Pro Pack settings panel

  • Full access to dual wielding capability
  • Personalised avatar customization,
  • Battle points
  • Access to online weapons such as the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw gun and more.

Ways to Download the Pro Pack APK

To get the unlocked apk you can perform any of the actions mentioned below.

1) Directly download the Pro Pack Hack apk from here

Here are PocketTanks.org we have compiled the latest version 4.1.1 Pro Pack that comes with unlimited Ammo and health. Unlimited Ammo lets you fire any number of bullets in the game without having to worry about which gun you pick or how many rounds you fire at your opponent.
Unlimited Health hack apk gets the very best out of this game by not letting other players defeat you. With Infinite health, you can shoot an opponent in a head-on fight.


2) Watch a 10 seconds Video in the game to get 10 mins of Pro Pack’s latest features.

To enable this method you don’t have to do much. This feature came in with v3.0.6 to allow players to get pro pack without downloading any hack. To enable pro pack for 10 mins to head over to the app and click on “Quick Play” and then on the next screen that appears tap on “Add Pro Pack Time”. After the 10 seconds video ends your pro pack apk will be enabled.

3) Allow the game to have access to your devices free resources.

This feature allows the game to take control over your device’s idle resources. These resources are then sold by the developers to third-party peer to peer processing units. Although the game mentions that this way of accessing pro pack won’t breach your personal data but it is less recommended.

Mini Militia Pro Pack 4.0.42 Features

  1. New Maps – Undermine, Crossfire, Suspension, Overseer all get a new update.
  2. One Shot Kill – A single fire from any gun would take down all the players.
  3. Unlimited Ammo – Dual wield guns and fire unlimited number of bullets.
  4. Unlimited Nitro – Fill your jetpack with nitrous and fly throughout the map.
  5. Pro Pack Unlocked – Your avatar turns from being a noobie to a Pro Player.
  6. All store items unlocked – Store items like Boost Regen, Health Regen, Boost increase are all cracked.
  7. Transparent Bush – No more hiding.
  8. Changed Appearance – Customize your avatar with lots of available options.
  9. Servers same as that of the official version
  10. Pick up any Weapon in Online Multiplayer game.
  11. All other previous features carried forward.

New skins New Trees New Shield New weapons

How To Install Mini Militia Pro Pack

  1. Download Latest Version In Your Device From Above Given Link.
  2. Make Sure You Have Enabled “Unknown Source” In Your Mobile.
  3. If You Have Not Enabled Then Follow Bellow Address To Enable “Unknown Source”
  4. Go To Your Mobile Settings>>Security ( From Here Search Unknown Source & Enable It)
  5. Now Install Downloaded Mini Militia Pro Pack On Your Mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Militia 3

1) Will Mini Militia 3 going to have Pro Pack built-in?

No, Pro Pack will continue to be a paid feature.

2) Where can I download version 3?

As of now Mini Militia version 3 is not available online. The beta version can be requested from the developers at appsomniacs.com by signing up for testing purposes.

3) How many mod APKs will the version 3 have?

The in-game mod creation feature will support modification of Ammo, Nitro, and health.


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