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Pocket Tanks Deluxe
Written by Ronald Jackson

If you’ve come here searching for Pocket Tanks Deluxe version than you’ve definitely played this amazing game before. If you’ve played Pocket tanks before then, you probably know how cool it would be if you could just download all 320 and 250 pocket tanks deluxe weapons. Well, if this is the case then don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Here you’ll find links to download Pocket Tanks Deluxe for PC. All weapon packs of Pocket Tanks, the apk version of the game and the iOS version as well, all of it completely free. All you need to do is read on.


About Pocket Tanks Deluxe Version

Michael P. Welch developer of Pocket Tanks

Michael P. Welch developer of Pocket Tanks and the deluxe version

Blitwise Productions on 26th October 2001 released Pocket Tanks with the Classic Pack that consisted of around 30 core weapons. These were the basic set of weapons that were set free for all with the game’s release. To earn profit from the game the developer, Michael P. Welch decided to come out with “Expansion Packs” for the game that gives the player a more varied choice of weapons. These Expansion packs were made available only to players that opted for the Deluxe version of the game. Welch also decided to give away free packs with version 1.0 to attract more gaming enthusiasts.

Pocket Tanks deluxe on mobile and pc

Pocket tanks game running on Laptop and mobile with the deluxe version.

Pocket Tanks Deluxe Version is also referred to as the Full Version of the game. The game was set to let players play online with version 1.3. With the introduction of the Network version, Welch and his developer’s team had to face several issues like how to let one player with Deluxe Pack and other without it decide the weapon of choice. The issue was later resolved by allowing non-Deluxe application users to use Weapons of Deluxe Pack player only when the game was played in Multiplayer mode.  With each successive update, issues were resolved and new weapons were introduced that made the game feel for fascinating and fun.

Pocket Tanks Deluxe 2

pocket tanks deluxe 2 installation CD

Installation CD for Deluxe 2 edition.

All Pocket Tanks editions after v1.6 were called Pocket Tanks 2. Following v1.6 the game saw drastic changes in performance on both PC and mobile devices. Several new packs were released, and the game was made available for Windows and Mac Computer. Pocket Tanks Deluxe 2 has over 500 weapons with better graphics, although it was still 2D retro. However, with all that rework the game couldn’t manage to attract more people into playing it.

After 15 years in the gaming industry, Blitwise is heading towards a new model of the game, Pocket Tanks 3. Pocket Tanks 3 is believed to have 3D graphics and the ability to let more than 2 players play the game simultaneously.

Pocket Tanks Deluxe APK

pocket tanks on android

Gameplay visuals of Pocket tanks on Android.

It was December of 27, 2012 when Pocket Tanks entered the Android app marketplace. Within 3 years of its release on Android, the game got 4,000,000+ downloads and 4.5 average players rating. It was all because of the veteran Pocket Tanks PC players that this game reached these heights in mobile devices.

Pocket Tanks Deluxe apk is available on PlayStore as well as on the official website for download. The full weapons pack is only accessible through PocketTanks.org. Same goes for the PC version you will have to download it from this site for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In 2016 the official portal for Pocket Tanks terminated the Pocket Tanks 2 project to focus more on the new version, i.e. Pocket Tanks 3D. Blitwise stopped providing the latest versions of the game and made it available for free. Players downloading the deluxe apk get 320 weapons and all 500 weapons in the cracked apk edition. Mod apk of the game gives players an edge over the other by unlocking certain restricted features like aim control and the ability to calculate the angle and firepower.

playing pocket tanks deluxe on iPhone

Pocket Tanks Deluxe running on iPhone.

Not only is the game accessible on Android, but it also has quite a large following in iPhone segment as well. The date of release for iOS is not known but is believed to have released around the same time when Pocket Tanks apk came on Android. iOS devices also enjoy the same feature set with deluxe and other weapon packs. All the weapons available for Pocket Tanks can be availed on iOS through hacks and cheats which we will discuss later in this guide.

How to install on Android, iPhone, iPad and PC

Installing this game on Android or iOS is not a big task. Alike other apps on PlayStore and Appstore Pocket Tanks Deluxe apk can be downloaded and installed on any device that meets the necessary requirements. These requirements are:

  • Android 2.3 and up
  • 30 MB of free storage
  • Players age must be 7+

How to install Deluxe edition apk:

  • Download Pocket Tanks Deluxe from the link given in the post below.
  • Clear junk and cache files from RAM on your device.
  • Install the app giving it all the required permissions.
  • If you have downloaded the APK file from some third-party websites, update the app immediately from PlayStore.
  • Launch the game and gather a few friends for the multiplayer game.
Pocket Tanks Multiplayer Game play with 250 weapons

Pocket Tanks Multiplayer Game play with 250 weapons

Note: If you have downloaded Pocket Tanks Mod apk do not update it as it may corrupt the binary files of the game.

How to install all free weapons packs after installing the game:

  • Open the application from the app drawer.
  • Tap on “Weapon Packs” button on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Switch to Installed tab.
  • Select the free packs and click OK.
  • You can preview weapon details from here and install the one that you like.
  • From the weapons panel, you will get 250 weapons.
  • To get 320 weapons tap on “Restore previous in-App purchases” button.

Download Full Deluxe Edition for Free

The Deluxe Edition is priced $19 on blitwise.com but we under a pact for a limited period are giving away Pocket Tanks deluxe for free. Not only the deluxe edition we will also present you with expansion packs like Collector’s Edition at no cost.

We have shown you how to get all weapons in the installation section above. This section gives you the direct download link of Full Deluxe edition, you do not have to pay anything or fill any survey to get the app in your device.

Pocket Tanks: Full Deluxe Edition Free 
Pocket Tanks logo
File Name: PTanks_Deluxe.apk
File Size: 31.45 MB
Developers: Michael P. Welch
Genre: Artillery

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The apk file is hosted on Google Drive to provide faster and safer download. The has been thoroughly scanned by Anti-Virus software and is found to be safe by all of them.

Facing a problem with downloads?

Comment it down below and we will come up with a solution to help you get it.

Hacks and Cheats

It’s well known that hacks and mods spice up the regular game. Hacks let you change the internal files of the game in a way that you get an edge over the rest of the players. Some of the popular hacks of the Pocket Tanks game are Aim Bot, Range and Angle Calculator, Pixel scaling and ruler. Custom Mods can also be created by using APK editing applications one such application is APKeditor which can be download for both Android and iOS devices.

Pocket tanks hacks and mods

Hacks and Mods with numerous weapons.

APKEditor gives access to the internal files by decompressing apk files. It also comes with a code editor to modify the text files within the application. Once the files are altered, they can be recompressed, and the result apk file is the Mod of Pocket Tanks. This process does not require rooted phone and is safe to do.

Pocket Tanks Deluxe also has cheat codes that you can type during the game play to get some specific weapon sets or increase your battle points. You can use cheats to increase the number of points for each weapon. The downside of cheats is that you cannot enable weapon packs with them. Weapon packs can only be unlocked by downloading mods for each separate pack.

Deluxe Edition Packs

50 expansion packs can be integrated with Pocket Tanks app once you download the deluxe package. Some of these packs are:

  • Collector Edition Pack – Best weapons out of all packs are included in collectors pack.
  • Quantum pack – The weapons under this category have the potential to penetrate any obstacles.
  • Nuke Pack – Weapons that blasts off a huge area.
  • Ambush Pack – Includes weapons that trap the opponents tank and then fires at them.
  • Power Pack – Weapons that destroy tanks by supplying a surge electricity.
  • 320 Pack – Gets you 320 weapons without the need of having Deluxe edition.

Each of these packs has either 5 or 15 weapons. You can download all of these to get all 250 weapons. A maximum of 500 weapons can be included with the deluxe version.

Support:  Although utmost care has been taken while writing this post about Pocket Tanks Deluxe Version but still it might contain shallow mistakes. Therefore we request you to comment down any issues that may arrive while following this guide.


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